Lobotomy Tools


An orbitoclast is a surgical instrument used for performing transorbital lobotomies. It was invented by Dr. Walter Freeman in 1948 to replace the unique form of leucotome used up until that point for the transorbital lobotomy procedure. This instrument is, essentially, an ice pick with some gradation marks etched onto the shaft.

The operation involved placing the pick behind the eye socket of the patient and breaking through the thin layer of bone found there by applying a hammer to the end of the pick and driving the instrument into the frontal lobes.

2" 3D Orbitoclast / Hammer Pin, Double Rubber Clutch - choose from silver, gold or black nickel

Want all 3 colors? Get the bundle and save!

***Due to the nature of the shape, a clutch could not be placed at the bottom of the pin. Although it is double clutches, we suggest using pin locks on these to prevent the pin from falling off***

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